Cisco IR829 Tinkering

Introduction: The IR829 router is a rather interesting beast, it has 4G, wireless, GPS, an accelerometer, water resistant, fanless, gigabit switchports + WAN and vehicle ignition system »

Working with Docker

Introduction: I'm rather a keen advocate on Virtualisation technologies and anything that can be used to abstract resources into a pool to be used where needed. »

Ghost blog page width

Problem Ghost (this blog) is a great platform, nice and easy to run, maintain and post on. Problem is I didn't like the default page width, »

Packet Capture on Cisco Routers

Problem: I look after multiple 'remote branch' type locations. These branches have internet connections which connect back to central hubs via DMVPN. Occasionally incidents happen at »

Handy (uncommon) Software

Introduction: This post will serve as a repository for software I find which is fairly niche, or serves a particularly useful purpose. I'm often finding something »

Cisco DMVPN @ home

Problem You're a bit of a networking nerd, you've got a Cisco router at home but perhaps you also have one at your parents house...maybe »


Problem You're away from home, but want to grab something from your file server, perhaps you want to change some configuration on a box? How? Well, »

Cisco 897 tinkering

Introduction Usually these blog posts are about me solving a problem. And this is no exception, however I'm afraid I'm going to throw a bit of »

New blog!

I've been meaning to do this for a while - however never got around to it. It's about time I found somewhere to put all those »