Online email obfuscation


This blog has been a great place to brainstorm and share my ideas and activities with the world however it's always bugged me slightly that I've had no way to get feedback from my audience.

I dislike contact forms, as it means I have to either find a decent one or build one. I much prefer more old fashioned email.

Naturally putting an email address on a website is just a bad idea, anything with an @ symbol gets picked up by a spambot.


After some googling I found that there's a good service provided by reCAPTCHA (google) who created a side project called mailhide.

After going through the wizard you get some HTML code which you can then use in place of an email. This will take the user to a captcha and only then do they get access to email.

You can see an example of this on my contact page: GHOST_URL/contact