NetApp FAS2240-2 Disk Assignment


I like NetApp, usually things are easy, but today I hit a snag I want to document right before I forget it.

Problem is I have an array which has 24 drives in, however maintenance mode shows no disks when using disk show. This is already strange to me, usually within ONTAP the disks may not be visible due to lack of assignment, however maintenance mode usually shows ALL disks.

Interestingly sysconfig -v does display disks, however they all show as failed! And if all 24 drives have actually failed that would be one lousy day.


After much poking around, I decided to remove a disk and replace it with a spare which I had lying around. As soon as I did that I got the following error:

*> Oct 20 09:07:02 [localhost:disk.encryptNoSupport:error]: Detected encrypting disk 0b.00.1 but indicates that encrypting disks should not be present. 23 of 24 disks checked are encrypting disks. 

So, looks like encryption is enabled! To fix that, the output has already given us the answer, we need to change the bootarg for encryption.

LOADER-A> setenv true
LOADER-A> boot_ontap

Back into maintenance mode, immediately we can now see the drives with a disk show! Now the disks can be assigned to the controllers, and a new ONTAP instance brought up.