Gravograph M40IQ Windows 10 Setup


Right, so, usually these things tend to be about me fixing my own problems, however this time it's one for Billy.

Every time the bugger installs windows 10, he has issues getting his engraving machine to work. The drivers only go up to windows 8, and nothing is ever as easy as it seems. Below is the tried and tested method to get the thing working.


  • 1st - Install the gravograph software. I've never been called in at this point so guess it can't be too hard (he's gonna kill me).

  • 2nd - Set the compatibility mode to Windows 8 for gravograph.

  • 3rd - Power the machine brainer right

  • 4th - Open device manager, and find the machine. If it's already installed it'll be under printers (if so, remove the driver and proceed).

  • 5th - Right click the machine and update the driver software. Select the folder containing the drivers and pick the Windows 8 driver. This should add the machine under printers.

  • 5.5(th?) - Now it seems sometimes the above doesn't work, if you get an error when trying to install the driver (complaining about the windows x64 bit system architecture), run the setup file which can be found in the driver root folder and follow the instructions. Then proceed to step 6.

  • 6th - After the machine is added to windows as a printer add it in the gravograph software, it should appear under the printers section when you try to add it. The machine in question is an M40IQ (No, you don't have the G version).

  • 7th - Buy Dave a beer.